About me


Quick introduction

Hi, my name is Grace aka cocoa butter travel. First, let me introduce myself to you and give a little bit of a background story. Second, explain what the purpose of this blog is and my brand identity. Thirdly, what content you will find on here and on other platforms, including Instagram and Youtube.

To begin with, I was born in Kinshasa Congo, and moved to Belgium with my mom when I was 3 years old. All my life I felt like, I wasn’t where I was meant to be. One of my biggest dreams was to live in Australia. Why? Absolutely no idea, the only thing I knew is that I wanted to travel and live abroad.

But because of society and what other people told me, I tried to fit into a mold that did not accommodate me to make others happy. Deep down, I was so lost, I barely knew who I was and what I wanted to do in life. 

The start of my travel journey

A few years ago, I fell into depression and medication. Luckily not for long, I impulsively applied for a job in Portugal and left everything within two weeks period. That opened my eyes, and I started a healing process. I finally found the courage to realize my dream and moved to Australia. 

I’ve been here for the past 3 years now, working on myself daily and I wish at the time that I started traveling, I had someone I could rely on.

What is cocoa butter travel?

Cocoa butter travel is about body positivity, empowerment, mental health, and travel on a budget. 

I want people to read what I do and think they can do it too. People who travel and live abroad realize that the bad things they’re experiencing, others have experienced it too! 

I also want to show every aspect of traveling in living abroad without sugar-coating. 

What will you find here?

My area of “expertise” is budget traveling and I’d love to share with you guys what are the things you can do when traveling in Far North Queensland and Cairns more specifically.

In this blog, I will give you details on travel planning, activities, travel stories, and reviews. On Youtube, you will find long-form videos on activities and my personal life. Instagram is the platform I am the most active on. You will find short-form content summarising what you will find on my blog and Youtube channel.

If this is the type of content you are looking for, make sure to follow and subscribe to all my socials and signup to my Newsletter for updates. 

Love, Grace