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In today’s review, I’ll be talking about Skypark Cairns by Aj Hackett, formerly known as Aj Hackett Cairns. It’s a business I have partnered/worked with for a year. Their main activities are bungy jumping, the jungle swing experience but also venue hire and live concerts or festivals.

Partnering experience

I’ll start with a bit of a back story. When I was working for Mad Monkey Backpackers Group as Events Manager, I got introduced to one of Aj Hackett Cairns’s representative Lauren. The idea was to promote Skypark Cairns experience in exchange for prizes for our guests. We decided to have a quiz night in all of the hostels once a week and once a month I would bring a group to Skypark for a Sunday sesh.
I had never bungee jump before and to be honest it wasn’t really on my bucket list.
But for the purpose of my job I thought it would be essential for me to do it. I always promote better if I actually experience it. At the time I took the membership that was allowing you to do one activity (bungy or swing). So, obviously I enrolled to it straight away and did my first bungee jump the first time I brought a group there. 

First jump

Let’s be real, I was mortified! From underneath it doesn’t seem that high but once you’re on top and you start to realize what’s going on you wish you could back up. But once you’re there, the only way down is to jump sis. The worst part is the wait, you’re up there with other people and it can take up to an hour before you jump when it gets busy. I’ve been begging them to have a shot bar at the top but unfortunately, it won’t happen. 
When it was finally my turn to go, I was smiling a lot but deep down I was dying. Anyways, your ankles are well tied up together and you have to walk to the edge (I swear my heart is racing just by writing this down), you have to try and not look down. Once you’re there, give a big smile to the camera on the side, they count down before you jump, three, two, one…
I didn’t jump… I was so petrified, my eyes out. The crew was amazing they try to make me calm down and relax. Aaron one of the team members told me to just go for it because the more I would wait and the harder it would get! So we count down again, three, two, one and I screamed so much the whole rainforest could hear me! But guess what loved it! I was so proud of myself.

Can bungy Jumping become addictive?

Well, for someone that wasn’t planning on bungy jumping at all in her life, I ended jumping again and again. The second time was at a festival they organized on-site where we could do night jumps! If you’re jumping for the first time, doing a night jump is great because you can’t really see anything so it’s less scary. There was music from the festival in the background and a light show, honestly one of my favorite jumps!
Once a year they organize a crazy jump day for people who have a membership. You have to come up with an idea or scenario, submit it and if it gets approved you’ll be doing that crazy jump with others on that day. I decided to jump off a chair backward with a Belgian flag (I know very patriotic).
While we were making our way upstairs, I met a young man that was jumping for like the 20th time at only 19 years old! And I was proud of myself for jumping 3 times at the time… what a joke.
So I guess the answer is yes! Bungy jumping gets addictive but some people only jump once and never do it again. A fun fact is that these people tend to like skydiving better!

What you need to know about Skypark Cairns

First things first, it’s the only place in Australia where you will be able to bungy jump! Say what? Yes ladies and gentlemen, so make sure you add it to your to-do list when you’re up in Cairns! 
The bungy site is located about half an hour drive from Cairns CBD next to James Cook University. You can make your way there or they offer transfers upon request and availability.
The bungee tower is 50 meters up high in the rainforest looking out to the sea, it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s free to go up on the lookout and watch other people jump from the top is also an experience. They offer 16 different Jump Styles including a BMX bungy jump! These are unique to Cairns, nowhere else in the World offers it so you wouldn’t want to miss out on that would you?

My thoughts on Skypark Cairns

I could talk about my experience for hours but let’s just end up here. What I like about Skypark Cairns the most is probably the staff and the atmosphere they have been creating for years. Very friendly crew, always cracking jokes. Rumour has it that you have to be crazy to work there as all staff has jumped a countless amount of times and I’m here for it! 
It’s a great experience that I would highly recommend! Even if you’re not jumping watching others challenging themselves can be really inspiring. 
Make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook page for videos and updates on prices and offers. 
Keep up the good work lads!

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